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January 21, 2024 · 6 min read

Flying Stars 2024

New 20-year Cycle “9”

2024 is the first year of the new 20-year cycle of the purple, fiery “9”. We can expect the beginning of great changes: some of the things we have already acquired will vanish and, on the contrary, new opportunities and other acquisitions will come. Some flying stars will change their properties. In a positive sense, the Fire element brings new perspectives, transformation and rebirth, while playing the mystery of the Phoenix bird, and carries properties of light – it may be as spiritual light, the light of knowledge, and the warming cordiality of love; but Fire also has inherent destructive properties, bringing the danger of burning to the ground element – flare-up of enmity, military conflicts and explosions. In our manifested world of duality, the property of the “9” will show itself in both ways. The most difficult of the upcoming years are 2024 and 2026.

2024 is the Year of Wood Dragon, so we have to deal with the strong Wood Element in Heavenly Stem and with the challenging leading Flying star “3” Yang Wood which comes to the center, while the Dragon per se belongs to the Earth Element. Notwithstanding the Chinese New Year starts on February 10, 2024 during First New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, all Feng Shui cures should be placed by February 4, when the shift on energies takes place.

Afflicted Areas

The Star “3” related to Wood element and associated with anger, hostility, quarrels, showdowns, court cases, comes to the Center*. One should not spend time here, especially while performing much activity, making noise or repairing anything. It is important to remove the “loud” TV, plants and constantly maintain the energy of the Fire: put a bright lamp, burn a candle, put a red rug, hang a red tapestry or stick a rectangle of red paper. We can weaken the Wood element using lights, fire and red color.

The West area* is under the influence of unfavorable Star “5” – the Star of failures, obstacles and all kinds of misfortune associated with the Earth element. Spending time in this area should be minimised! The star “5” can create problems for the apartment or house which front door or bedroom door faces West, and can also affect the youngest daughter in the family. We reduce the affected Earth with Metal element while placing a Salty Bowl, hang a metal Wind Chime with 6 hollow stems. This zone is especially harmful for those born in the year of the Rooster and for those who have the Rooster in their Paht Chee. It affects particularly badly in April, July, and in January 2025.

The Star “7” of Metal element arrives in the South*, causing robbery, burglary, injuries, betrayal, accidents, and health problems that require surgery. Since the Southern sector itself is associated with fame and fortune, the risk of damaged reputation, financial and other losses, as well as problems for the middle daughter in the family increases. The influence of “7” in this sector is projected on those born in the year of the Horse or those who have the Horse in their Paht Chee. Three bamboo stems (for example, dracaena) in a glass bowl with clear water, all water elements and sea colours from black-blue to blue will work as effective protection against its harmful influence. One should not sit with one’s back to the South! It is also not recommended to make noise or repairs in the South sector, strictly speaking, it is better to stay away from it or at least spend a minimum of time there.

Southeast is under the influence of the Illnesses & Accidents Star “2”, so spending a lot of time in here, we energetically exhaust ourselves, whilst increasing the risk of getting sick. However, we can mitigate easily the affected Earth with Metal element. What options do we have? Hang a bunch of 6 Chinese coins, place Salty Bowl with Chinese coins or Medicine Buddha figurine. While the meaning of this malevolent Star in the new 20-year period will gradually transform from “–“, to “+”, but it can still exacerbate existing health problems and well-being of the elderly ones, as well as those born in the years of the Dragon and Snake. The Southeast represents the eldest daughter in the family. In the 2024, one should not sit facing Southeast, disturb this area or make repairs there.

Auspicious Stars

The Star “1”* related to achievements, success and new opportunities comes to the East. In the new cycle it will magnify in its strength, while bringing fame, victory over rivals, rewards and recognition. It is recommended to spend as much time as possible in the Eastern sector of your home or apartment, especially if you pursuing career ambitions or other aspirations. The East is also associated with the success of the eldest son. We reinforce this sector with Metal and Water elements and colours, metal Wing Chime with 6 or 7 hollow rods, a figurine of a horse (Wind horse), with symbols of victory and achievements. However, flowers should be removed, at least one should significantly reduce their number, because the upcoming favourable energy of Water element will be absorbed by plants.

The Star of well-being and wealth “8”* arrives to the North, but it needs empowering. It should be strengthened with wealth vase, crystals, money gem tree, symbols of financial stability and success, for example turtle, money frog (it is good if they are made of appropriate materials or colours), colours of gold of fertile Earth. It can be activated with and dynamic Yang energy of people's presence and their activity as well. Debris or clutter in this area will inhibit energy access. North is associated with the middle son.

To the North-East* comes the auspicious 6 “Heavenly Luck” which is associated with authority, status, power and the positive role of benefactors and mentors in your life, as well as with winnings and fortune's favour. It is worth to strengthen and actively support the Earth element as it generates the Metal element, while placing crystals, crystal ball, money gem tree, Wing Chimes (with 6 or even better 8 hollow rods), strings of 6 or 8 Chinese coins. It is worth to make this area actively busy. You can hang portraits of your authorities, idols, as well as your diplomas, prizes and awards. Those born in the year of the Ox or Tiger, or those who have these animals in their Paht Chee, as well as the youngest son in the family are recommended actively use this sector.

The Star “4” arrives to the Northwest*. This star is associated with the Wood element, as well as with education, broadening horizons, love relationships and creative activity. This is where it’s good to hang a board with your plans: places you want to visit or universities you want to enroll in. Lush flowering plants, blue-green colours, Wood and Water elements, as well as symbols of love such as mandarin ducks are recommended. One should be careful with strong Water elements, for example, mirrors, due to there should not be an excess of them, especially if your relationship is going through hard times, it is better to use strengthening and harmonizing signs instead: Double Happiness Vase or a Chinese symbol of Double Happiness, for example Double Happiness Knot or Vase.

The Southwest sector is favourably influenced by the purple “9” (the leading Star of the new 20-year cycle), associated with prosperity, fiery energy and Phoenix bird. It heralds recognition of talents, fame and publicity, as well as good fortune from investments. One should add bright lights and fire, hang a lamp with 9 crystals, put peacock feathers, use crystals such as amethysts, as well as red-purple and ruby shades of colours in the Southwest. You can periodically light a live fire. It is also worth to hang a string of 9 Chinese coins, place a money gem tree or a money frog (it is better if they are decorated with nine or a multiple of that number of crystals).

Asterisk * Especially needs correction (decrease or increase).