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July 28, 2018 · 2 min read

Outstanding Lunar Eclipse

…or Fiery Salute from Mars

Eclipsed Moon with Mars
Eclipsed Moon with Mars
Totally Eclipsed Moon
Totally Eclipsed Moon
Moon comes out of totality
Moon comes out of totality
Moon leaves Earth's shadow
Moon leaves Earth's shadow

This lunar eclipse is outstanding in the whole 21st century because of its duration and totality.

Three outstanding features of this eclipse are:

  • because the Moon is at apogee, it moves slowly, so the Moon passes through Earth’s shadow much longer than usual!
  • the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon line up very precisely; therefore, the Moon sinks into the Earth’s shadow deeply.
  • this Lunar Eclipse coincides with a great confrontation of Mars!

The full phase of the Lunar eclipse was clearly visible in the Eastern Africa, eastern South America, in European Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Western Europe, Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, in India and Sri Lanka, as well as in the western part of China and Australia. You could not observe it only in North America.


The influence of this eclipse continues in August and September till the beginning of October 2018. The serious consequences may happen in the last week of September.

The impact of this eclipse is extremely martian! It will launch the ideas and projects of cosmic scale linked to the future of humanity, and will predetermine the influence of the Mars on the mankind's history: the Mars faces the prospect of landing and colonisation by terrestrials in the near future. Some curious facts about the Mars or the Moon may come to light or even some related artefacts could be discovered.

The Mars’s effect on Earth is so strong that it provokes confrontation, fires, riots, natural and technogenic disasters, accidents and outbreaks of violence. At best fights for human and civil rights, as well as against injustice will rise. The powerful influence of Mars may encourage sport achievements and military successes. This is time for strong independent leaders and social liberation movements.

Advice It is important to act consciously in the days close to eclipse because the deeds and decisions you make may lead to unexpected consequences and unforeseen results.

The purpose of this eclipse is to make the necessary changes which are about to happen. These days you may face the old problem – to solve it you should change your customary views. The subject should be considered from an unusual angle and it does not matter how unusual and fresh it may seem!  New creative and even ‘crazy’ ideas could come to your mind – even if they change through time, you may find a new way to fulfil them later.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Important: to remember that all your deeds are extremely meaningful!

Risky: to allow carelessness and negligence, to be angry

Good: to show compassion, mercy and to defend unfairly offended.

Better: Go your own way and do not follow someone’s else lead!