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April 6, 2024 · 1 min read

Total Solar Eclipse April 8

Symbol – Dragon of Metaphysical Depths

From April 8 to 12, our efforts may be undermined by somebody’s ill will, mystical or fateful concourse of circumstances. When moving forward or figuring out relationships, we should be extremely careful and check the ground as if we were treading through a muddy swamp. Starting from the April 13, one can already push off the former impenetrable wall and fly like a   target-finding torpedo, or soar up like a magic flying carpet. Near the eclipse, it is important to monitor the mind’s reaction to frustrations and depressive circumstances and not get caught up in this “game”. There is a risk of depleting inner resources or emergency reserves, or facing the underside of someone’s character or life itself. Expenses need to be kept under control.  It may be that inner fear or latent anger most of all deprives you of vital energy, or that someone abuses your trust, eating up your valuable time. Right now, the inner Dragon or other metaphysical problem can emerge from the abyss in all its unprecedented glory, and you will see what you are dealing with. Self-perfection is encouraged, as is clearing out accumulated debris. This is a good time for inner self-discipline and yogic tapas; being in solitude or practicing silence you can effectively gain inner strength. One may face with duties connected with a sad event, extracurricular and thankless work, or may be asked for help in a difficult matter. There is a risk of aggravation of latent and chronic diseases, bad habits, inflammations, infections and all kinds of incidents. You shouldn’t be fooled by provocations and respond to aggression with aggression; it’s better to dodge like an experienced toothy pike. How to get along with difficult people? At least behave less worse than themselves. This eclipse opens the window for denunciations, secret revenge, criminals and not quite mentally adequate individuals. It is a good idea to check the locks and doors of the back staircase, backyard, restroom and basement of your home or office. Damage can be caused by people doing low-skilled, menial work and from visiting bawdy places. However, April 17-21 grants us a positive 5-day period while promising interesting meetings with friends, lovers, joyful and energetic peoples. Spend these days actively and dynamically or on trips and travels. There will be a positive shift in business, the postponed and unbearable will begin to realize – some of us will experience a reactive start! Meanwhile, starting from April 20, one should avoid crowded places, both on April 6-12, and near the Full Moon on April 22-24 loud crashes, landslides, hurricanes and other incidents are likely, as well as an escalation of hostilities. April is associated with the use of technical devices and innovations: testing of weapons, aircraft and launching space programs.