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December 31, 2017 · 2 min read

Uranus Trends

Forecast 2018-2026

May 15, 2018 will be marked by a milestone event when Uranus is to perform its first “entry” into Taurus. That will be the time when we will see the first signs of a new era that will come into full force from March 6, 2019 and last until April 26, 2026.

The transition of Uranus into Taurus will serve as the start of a new epoch of digital economy. We can expect the emergence of new and hitherto unknown phenomena, but not just digital currencies (Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc.).

People will begin a widespread use of solar energy and other ecological sources of energy, and 3D printing. The world will turn to electric cars, high-capacity batteries, new ways of data storage, new engines and durable materials. The new Internet technologies will make the common goods accessible to the majority of the population (neo-Communism).

Religion and complex spiritual subjects will be brought to a simple, practical meaning. We may witness a fusion of religion and science.

There will be new technologies for changing sex, prolonging life and using biological implants in the human body. There is no need to associate those news developments with something dangerous, for example, you can grow teeth instead of questionable cyborgs. In this situation many things will depend on the level of human awareness!

The food and food additives of the future will come into use, the principles of farming and cultivation of crops will change. We may expect a new round of industrialization and collectivization, the formation of neo-communes and collective farms.

Living on other planets and landing on Mars that currently seem a fantasy may get realized years later. At the moment you do the groundwork for your personal space elevator :)

It is important that the utopian ideas and fantastic prototypes materialize and find a practical application. Illusions can find a material ground.

Inevitably at first we will see exaggerations and strange phenomena related to a gender-based problem, a transition to a digital economy or the ethics of using new technologies. Many new inventions such as food, medicine, digital currency, devices and even new types of family relations will be legalized in 2018. In some cases even once completely banned phenomena will get a reckless authorization. Since, in 2018, the chaos is ready to break free, the lack of control and awareness scales up the risk of it.