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June 7, 2020 · 2 min read

Coronasphinx 2020

Part One

A chilling consolidation of ‘heavy’ planets such as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto responsible for the world scale threats began in December 2019 in the sign of Capricorn. The sign of Capricorn is traditionally associated with chiefs, governors, rulers and crowned heads, fathers of the people, as well as seniors and leaders of profession. In January 2020 the sign of Capricorn was threateningly overfilled and coronavirus started to spread actively. At the same time, the sign of Cancer, which is oppositional to Capricorn and in charge of lungs, proved to be devastatingly empty.

Because of COVID-19 the breathing is difficult; in especially severe cases, a decrease in lung volume by 20-30 percent occurs; the virus attacks the heart muscle and disrupts the transport of oxygen to the body, causing disruptions in the nervous system and affects the liver. Beside the Cancer, the aftereffects of COVID-19 project onto Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius signs, those are located at a distance of 30 and 150 degrees and traditionally consider as non-interacting with the Capricorn. The Leo is traditionally associated with the heart, Gemini corresponds to respiratory system, Sagittarius in charge of haemopathology and circulatory system, liver, and Aquarius relates to the nervous system and brain.

The non-interacting signs are those, which not only belong to the antagonistic (hostile) elements but also are very contrary by dynamic of their manifestation (quadruaplicities). In other words, there are many more differences between them than similarities. They usually have no connection, but can be brought together by some situation (in this case, the coronavirus) and included in a chain of cause and effect in a mysterious and inexplicable way.

Does it mean that aftereffects may proceed larval, indirectly and with delay, even when the disease is easily borne out of bed? We can say the same about the transmitting of the virus.

Let us look into the mystery of the Star Zodiac and the main event of 2020 which is an ingression of Saturn and Jupiter from Capricorn to Aquarius. On the boarder of these two signs the mysterious sphinx lies in wait for a credulous traveler and asks a riddle. If the answer is wrong it throws the seeker down into the abyss. So we can understand that the virus COVID-2019 is a main mystery which the mankind should solve in the course of the year.

Α New Epoch will bring a clue in the end of 2020, after that the sphinx may disappear mysteriously or unrecognizably transform into the other creature.

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