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June 8, 2020 · 2 min read

Coronasphinx 2020

Part Two

Jupiter is in charge of social improvements, ideology and executive power. Legislature and implementation of reforms are provided by Saturn that rules the sign of Aquarius and the 11th house alongside with Uranus. Pluto personifies a “demon” of power and possession of large resources.

Jupiter that is responsible for the lungs in a human body and is naturally weak in the sign of Capricorn has been squeezed between Saturn and Pluto which almost do not let it go. All the year round we witness a slow waltz of ‘heavy’ planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto with dead loops whipped up by the scourge of bellicose Mars at cardinal turning points near vernal and autumnal equinoxes, summer and winter solstices.

According to the law of similarity the microcosm of a human body is similar to the macrocosm of our planet. That heavy breathing which our planet experiences because of high pollution of the environment and deforestation reflects what is happening in human lungs. The fact that such mastodons as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are involved during 2020 means an ordeal for the all mankind; not a local problem but the one of the world scale. As we wrote in the annual forecast “2020 brings a test for all of humanity such as the danger of disasters or regional problems that will affect countries, continents and involve large masses of people”.

Now we are dealing not with the problem of an individual only, but with the “disease” of the planet as a whole and with the problems of organization of human society that will get exposed distinctly in all their deformity.

These flaws will be seen like through a magnifying glass and wheeled out to the society. The epoch of the Earth is going to its end and after 2020 we will find ourselves in new realities and circumstances. For the whole 139 years, up to 2159, we will live and breathe the Element of the Air.

A consumer society which was the product of the epoch of the Earth will be totally reconsidered.

So the mysterious Coronasphinx catalysing large-scale changes will be a herald of a new “transparent” world order and of the climax of rigid systems at the same time, betokening their collapse and downfall into the abyss.

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