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March 8, 2022 · 3 min read

Controlled Chaos

Symbol – Crusade

Forecast 2019 – published on December 31, 2018:
  • The efforts to alter a constitution for personal preferences will succeed to full extent closer to the end of 2019. (Fulfilled in Russia)
Forecast 2020 – published on December 16, 2019:
  • In the early 2020s, the world will be on the verge of crisis or war. In general, the 2020s look very tense and conflicting.
  • 2020 brings a test for all of humanity such as the danger of disasters or regional problems that will affect countries, continents and involve large masses of people.
  • In the worst case, the events of 2020 will initiate the unstable and warlike years of 2020, when society will be on the brink of war or crisis.
  • In 2020, a clearly directed conquest expansion will manifest itself. The leaders of that expansion will be the countries and corporations that possess all the necessary military resources and economic levers. The “Big Game 2020” is focused on suppression and capture by force and economic measures, and its leaders are only pawns, which the power of capital and money stands behind. The merging of crime and elites, corruption in some countries will get to its high point. The attention of society can be switched to battle ground, terrorist and other large-scale threats. Once again human rights and freedoms can be even more severely restricted under the pretext of security.
  • From the end of 2020 and in 2021-22, a price hike on electricity and high-tech devices may begin.
Forecast 2021 – published on December 5, 2020:
  • 2021-2022 as a whole are the years of sudden and irreversible changes that will cause crisis phenomena and chaos.
  • Changes and redistribution of the territorial borders of states, new agreements and commonwealth, decisions to “unfreeze” common and neutral territories, for example, the Arctic and Antarctic, are likely. The 2020s may resemble 1991-1994, when the collapse of the USSR and the parade of independence of the former Soviet republics took place, even 1961-62 with the Cuban missile crisis and the Sino-Indian border war - the conflicts of those years may again make themselves felt.
  • The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn exactly at solstice on December 21 marks the beginning of the new 20-year cycle and a sesquicentennial Age of Air including space, information, intellect and consciousness that will last until 2159. It will bring a final transition from material values to nonmaterial ones, the demo version of which we witnessed in 1980s-1990s. Therefore January and February of 2021, and 2021-2022 as a whole are the years of sudden and irreversible changes that will cause crisis phenomena and chaos. The values of Age of Earth of 1842-2020 that have led to appearance of Consumer Society will suffer the crisis.
New Age 2020-2159 – published on December 13, 2020:
  • As for the coming years, other forms of slavery and control, such as a "digital concentration camp", may spread – and in this 2020-2026, they remind of 1934-1942, when concentration camps were institutionalized and violent experiments on humans were carried out.

March 7, 2022:

In our Forecast 2022 we wrote about two main trends of 2022: healing action and crusade – and surprisingly Russia flied the flag of Crusaders. It is interesting to notice that in Russia’s Independence chart the current situation looks like a struggle for retention and withholding its own territories (how Russia’s rulers comprehend and present that). Perhaps the main events are still ahead, because this situation acts as a double-edged sword and can bring other crusades in return.

In world’s play there is a connection between pandemic (act 1) and military actions (act 2) which results in economic problems: high prices, setback in production, lack of products, panic and devastation. By the summer-autumn of 2023, the property, savings and assets of many that have begun to steadily melt away since 2020, will turn to soap bubbles. However, the global plans are implemented in a certain haste. The results of the virus have not been yet summed up, when a new “game” has begun. An economic redivision of the world market and a struggle of elites for resources take place on its background, where the people are hostages and the world leaders are pawns. At worst case it may lead to a global conflict in 2024-2026, however a different scenario is possible like natural-climate disaster, “explosive” or next “medical” event (act 3). The goal of those who play this “game” is to cleanup the economic space, for which panic and internecine strife are used with misinformation and propaganda as weapons. Weakening of the material and industrial base of involved countries will be a result. By 2026 a new world order will become evident. In 2026 Russia will also face a complete rearrangement.

It is interesting that on the territories of Russia and Ukraine, whose population did not willingly participate in the international experimental vaccination program (although there were attempts to organize the digital concentration camps by their own governments), a hasty shift to military actions happened. However, the scientific medical publications about hidden consequences of both the virus itself and the vaccines are on the way.

Until the middle of March, the struggle is active and aggressive. In late March-early April there is a hope for reconciliation and a “thaw”, but in these days provocations may occur also (for example, using a poisonous gases or chemical weapons). The symbol of these weeks is a “wave”, both explosive and natural. Approximately, by the end of April the first phase will end. In the middle of May a new “open” phase begins, no one can and won’t hide the real state of affairs. In a worst-case scenario, it will lead to drawing in more participants into a struggle loop, while arousing their appetites. However, the consequences will fully come back to both Russia and the World in July-August (economically) and in the autumn, when Nemesis, the goddess of Retribution, comes.

Pluto, which symbolizes totalitarian regimes and dictatorships ingresses into the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius in the beginning of 2024 (and will be there till 2042) and brings revolutions and the total destruction of the old order, as well as transformation of totalitarianism in the forms we never dreamed of. Of course, no one is going to destroy humanity completely, but the forms of social organization and control will totally change. It is possible that due to devastation, natural disasters or radiation people will be moved to reservations for their own salvation, and those who remain outside will survive how they can. “Respectable” citizens who voluntarily agreed to all the conditions (chipping, for instance) will live in the cities surrounded by walls or under the dome. In next few years we expect the arrival of new “saviours” and “gurus”, although it is worth to thoroughly analyze where their “saving initiatives” lead us to. Remember that your consent, even if it was wrung with the help of intimidation and coercion, is still required to implement their plans.

It is naïve to believe that the New Epoch of Air (2020-2159) and 20-years period of Aquarius will give freedom to everybody. Each Epoch has its own precious and desirable resource that becomes the reason for struggle and conflicts. During the Epoch of Earth the most valuable resources were material values and possessions, money, capital and property; there was an open fight of various economic theories and social-economic structures.

In the Epoch of Air the most valuable things are freedom, air (literally), openness, transparency, information and time (!). The primary control methods include the latest technologies and new ethics, as well as gamification (ratings, gadgets, bioimplants, etc.). Aquarius that is a great inventor, circus performer and a true lover of social experiments will give rise not only to the space exploration, but also to all kinds of utopia and dystopia.

During the coming years of transition, humanity has a chance to “ascend” mentally – not using the lower energies like hatred and enmity, but through sympathy and compassion for all living beings, mutual help and inner joy. Then new sources of energy can be opened for us, allowing us to grow food and capable of saving mankind from hunger and disease. It is important to purify our thoughts, reduce Ego, and take care of each other, while being in joy and harmony with ourselves and others. Only then we will be ready for this “leap”.